Types of Travel


The Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific or any place beyond. From white powder beaches to the majestic Volcanos and amazing architecture that withstood the test of time and nature…What’s on your bucket list?


Group Travel

We work with groups both large and small. We will discuss what your needs and wants are and how we can best fulfill each one. We will go over the products available for your groups profile and match you to product that is the best fit for your group.


Impact Travel

Want to take a different type of vacation? Want to make a difference? This is a great way to do that and then some. Immerse yourself in the culture while volunteering! By doing things such as building fresh water filters, teaching English or simply planting a garden. Get involved in the culture see what a day in the life of someone else is like all while taking in the views and tasting the local culinary specialty!