Packing Your Bag

This has always been a tough one for me!! I want to bring everything and there has been a time or two that I did!! I always want to have choices – most of us do, right? And we all have our own way of packing and a list (written or not) of what we […]

Vacation – Choices

You’ve decided it’s time to start planning your vacation…. After you’ve decided on a budget then you can look at destinations   Whether you decide to go to an all-inclusive or on a cruise or a tour, always enjoy all the things that are included. There is usually a lot that is included. At an […]

Price Matching

When planning a vacation one of the first things we think to do is price match…. Should our vacation be based on price or value? When we compare the same trip based solely on the price we are cheating ourselves. Maybe the same vacation you saw for a lesser price at a different hotel, resort […]